About Us

Sarah Tuchscherer and Teresa Kleeblatt, owners of Prissy Princess create delicate and original Photography Props and timeless Heirloom pieces for Maternity, Newborns, and Children.  Together they set out to build their business with the kind of foundation that would not only enhance their designs, but also have superior quality merchandise and make them one of the premiere businesses in their field.

The first few years of their business were spent entirely on quality control and knowing every aspect of the fabrics that they were going to be building their design ideas on.  They worked diligently to develop relationships with only high quality venders and those who do not impose harsh working environments on their employees.  The same is true for the Wool and Mohair farmers they buy from.  This same integrity is passed on to their clients.

When designing and making products for pregnant women, infants, and small children you have to know that all the materials are safe. Sarah and Teresa worked closely with a chemist and had personal testing done so they had firsthand knowledge of the safety of the materials they sold.

Prissy Princess is incredibly blessed to have a large panel of very talented Photographers who agree to give their new products a “trial run”. They use all of their wraps from Jersey, cotton, wool, to Mohair on a variety of clients ranging in all age and sizes. Their feedback helped them create a line that is far superior to what has been on the market before. By dying, cleaning and spinning wool, felting, crystalizing flowers, and testing fibers Prissy Princess designers poses the confidence they need to create amazing original works of art.  The end result is that customers can be sure that every Prissy Princess item is not only beautiful, but also durable and safe and can be used again, and again.  For Sarah and Teresa, each tieback and headpiece is a token of admiration they hope to bestow on all who wear them.

They are well known as a vendor for Photography Props, but many discerning Mothers, Grandmothers, and dear friends choose Prissy Princess as Heirloom gifts for those they love.

Please explore their website and enjoy the many items they have created. They can be found at www.PrissyPrincess.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.