Amber Rust is the owner and Senior Photographer for two Color Photography located in Brigham City Utah.  She has been growing her  business for nine years. She has enjoyed the privilege of having return customers who were once teenagers when she first photographed them. w Now as adults they are entrusting her to use her special talent to take heirloom photographs of their children. This sense of continuity with her clients is one of the reasons she loves what she does.

She is much valued as a family photographer, but her true delight is working with newborns.  She is one of the chosen few who are invited to share the birth of a child as she captures images of each precious unforgettable moment. She also photographs what she calls “the first 48” with shots from the hospital. She follows up with newborn pictures in the studio 10-14 days after birth.  Being the mother of five children she understands the needs of these little ones and strives to make these sessions as comfortable for them and their sometimes-anxious parents as possible. If you would like to learn more about Amanda Rust and Two Color Photography she can be reached at