Alyisa Chipman of Aly Marie Photography, and Janean Gray serve in the Greater Kansas area and work together to for their teaching partnership called Blissful Baby Photography Workshops.  They began their partnership in 2010, and though each photographer maintains her own clients, their workshops showcase their unique and individual styles.  They work smoothly together and make a very cohesive team. Both ladies are very gentle with their young clients, and know just what to do to elicit the most moving images. Blissful Baby Workshops teach the fundamentals of newborn photography while instructing their students in efficient and safe ways to position newborns in ways guaranteed to warm the hearts of all who view them. Their classes include instruction on studio and natural lighting, as well post progressing tips.  No workshop would be complete without practical applications of business for marketing, and pricing newborn images, and the fine art of communicating with parents. If you would like to learn more about Alyisa Chipman and Janean Gray of Blissful Baby Photography Workshops go to