Elan Studio is owned and operated by the very talented Tracy Sweeney, of Bristol, RI.  Tracy is an International award winning maternity, newborn, child, family, and commercial photographer.  Her goal for each photography session is to make it both ”emotional and distinguishable”.  Her special photographic “Genre “ is Stylized Portaiture so her portraits captivate the viewer by showing the joyous wonder and beauty of life. In addition to taking photographs, she teaches the art of photography in workshops and online with her tutorial videos.  To learn more about Elan Studio and Tracey Sweeney please visit her website at www.elan-studio.com and click here to read our upcoming blog and learn more about Elan Studio.

Newborn Portraiture Course: From Concept to Completion

by Tracy Sweeney of Elan Studio, Bristol, RI

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30 Instructional Videos to simplify the newborn photography process from start to finish!
Learn How To STYLE, WRAP, POSE, PHOTOGRAPH AND EDIT Newborns to create dynamic portraits! Learn my editing with detailed post-processing videos of each set.

JUST LAUNCHED Newborn Portraiture Course: From Concept to Completion
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